- The SAAPS TROPHIES? What's that?

The SAAPS TROPHIES reward companies that are innovative in meeting free-from consumers' needs.

They are the opportunity to:

- discover the most innovating products offered by the free-from industry

- understand free-from news and consumption trends in France and abroad.

- The 2017 SAAPS TROPHIES, who can compete?

All French and international free-from producers. You do not need to exhibit at the SAAPS to enter the competition (please refer to the SAAPS TROPHIES General Regulations).

- The 2017 SAAPS TROPHIES, what are the categories?

4 SAAPS TROPHIES will be awarded to the most innovative, new and original product in the following categories:

- Free-from and delicious

This category rewards a food product (except drinks) that meets free-from consumers' needs.

- Free-from drinks

This category rewards a drink that meets free-from consumers' needs.

- 100% VEGGIE

This category rewards a food product (except drinks) that meets free-from consumers' needs and which composition does not include any animal product.

- Free-from kids

This category rewards a food product (drinks are accepted) that meets the needs of young consumers with food allergies or intolerances.

Only one product per category can be presented.
The products must have been put on the market by Dec 31st 2016.

- The 2017 SAAPS TROPHIES, who are the judges?

Judges are professionals from the free-from food sector: journalists, bloggers, chefs. etc

- The 2017 SAAPS TROPHIES, how can I participate?

2017 SAAPS exhibitors can participate in the SAAPS TROPHIES for free. As soon as they confirm their registration for the show, they will receive a registration form for the trophies.

For non-exhibitors, the participation fees are 250 € +VAT (please refer to the General Regulations for more information).

To participate, competitors must, before February 28th 2017:

- fill in the registration form and send it by email to: charlotte.ria@allergyagency.com

- send 10 samples of each product by mail to:

Audrey Mouchonnet, 7 avenue François Debergue 78170 La Celle Saint Cloud FRANCE

- The 2017 SAAPS TROPHIES, and then what?

The judges will proceed to a first selection in April 2017. Selected candidates will be informed by email.

The finale selection and the announcement of the result will happen at the SAAPS, on Friday May 12th.

Winning products will be exhibited on the SAAPS TROPHIES space on the show.

The General Regulations for the 2017 SAAPS TROPHIES are available here.


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