Cooking Shows on the Culinary Theater, sponsored by:

  • Friday 12 May - An afternoon reserved for professionals

You are a restaurant owner and wish to offer a free-from menu?

You want to understand the constraints and the general organization of free-from cooking?

You are passionate about cooking and are looking for new taste experiences? 

The Friday afternoon program, hosted by Juliette Baudic, pastry chef, and Alexandra Beauvais, writer and founder of Secrets de Gourmandises, is made for you!

Then, all along the weekend, we will continue culinary explorations in the free-from world, with cooking shows by chefs and culinary creators coming from all sorts of background and who will show you that free-from cuisine is not free-from taste.

  • Saturday 13 May - 11h00 to 12h15 - Delphine Malachard de Turckheim

  • Saturday 13 May - 12h30 to 13h45 - Angélique Roussel

Find the beet burgers recipe in the SAAPS catalogue!

  • Saturday 13 May- 14h00 à 15h15 - Nadia Sammut

  • Saturday 13 May - 15h30 to 16h45 - Sylvie Auger

  • Saturday 13 May - 17h00 to 18h15 - 42 Degrés

  • Sunday 14 May - 11h00 to 12h15 - Sylvie Auger

  • Sunday 14 May - 12h30 to 13h45 - Frédérique Barral

  • Sunday 14 May - 14h00 to 15h15 - Alexandra Beauvais and Juliette Baudic

Find Alexandra's recipe in the SAAPS catalogue!

  • Sunday 14 May - 15h30 to 16h45 - Jay & Joy

  • Sunday 14 May - 17h00 to 18h15 - Camila Prioli


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