Visitors - The Fair

Welcome to the Food Allergies and "Free-From" Products Fair!

What's on?

  • Try and buy new products

    The numerous exhibitors will introduce to you their new products dedicated to the free-from lifestyle: food, drinks, cosmetics, make up, hygiene products, nutritional complements, treatments, apps, books, cooking utensils and more.

  • Discover and learn

    Associations, specialized authors, healthcare professionals will be there to talk about themes you’re interested in: "Raising an allergic child”, "Allergies, intolerances and social life”, "Allergies: the new risks”, "Food for the intolerant athlete”, "Milk, a poison?”, "Veganism, a lifestyle”, "Is raw food better for your health?” 

  • Fun and educational activities for your children

    A dedicated area for children will be organized to educate kids on allergies and intolerances issues through fun activities: games, cooking workshops, talks..

  • Cook with the free-from professionals

    Cooking workshops will be organized by professionals, to teach you how to cook with free-from products and share new free-from recipes.

  • Consultations

    Thanks to the support of the main associations and healthcare professionals specialized in allergies, you’ll be able to have encounters with experts to talk about your condition.

  • Talk, exchange, share

    Special areas will be dedicated to autograph sessions by your favorite free-from authors. During the cooking workshops, meet and exchange with people who share your concerns and interests. You will be able to swap tips, recipes, and addresses, build a network....

And take part in our free-from lottery, win prizes…

Each visitor will leave with a bag filled with free-from goodies.

The Food Allergies and "Free-From" products Fair
is, first and foremost, a fun and useful visit to enjoy as a family!


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