Who are we?

Having been allergic for many years, we are very interested in the issue, its community and its market. We know the severity of symptoms that food allergies and intolerances can cause, and know that these conditions are accompanied by a rigorous and continuous monitoring of all consumed products: food products of course but also hygiene products and cosmetics.

We also know that such vigilance creates in the allergic or intolerant consumers the desire to:
  • Discover, taste, touch and smell new products;  
  • Obtain as much information as possible about the products on the market;
  • Be able to interact directly with manufacturers and their distributors regarding their expectations towards products and consumer information (ingredients, labeling and so on);
  • Feel as part of a community with whom they can share experiences, knowledge and tips.

We wish to improve the day-to-day of these people and to provide producers with an exceptional opportunity to reach their core target.

We look forward to meeting you soon on the Food Allergies and « Free-From » Products Fair!

Charlotte & Natacha

Co-founders of Allergy Agency



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