Presentation of the Fair

The Food Allergies and Free-from Products Fair is:

THE "not-to-be-missed” event for people looking for

new products, advice and tips.

Our visitors are:

  • Allergic,
  • Food intolerant and suffering from chemical sensitivities,
  • Gluten intolerant
  • Patients with chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases (celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes), and inflammatory diseases (Crohn's disease, arthritis, IBS)
  • Vegans and vegetarians
  • Raw foodists and people interested in live food
  • People looking for healthier food (sugar-free, lactose-free)
  • Athletes who want to increase their performances with healthy products
  • People curious to discover other lifestyles.

Go Healthy offers a program of meetings and activities: conferences given by field experts, free-from cooking shows by famous chefs, meetings with associations, autograph sessions by authors and cooking workshops for adults and children!

The annual gathering of professionals

For free-from brands, Go Healthy is the opportunity to evaluate the market and to better understand the expectations of customers in terms of products and information (labeling, product presentation, customer service…).

With an European span, the fair also attracts wholesalers and professional buyers (supermarkets, organic and dietetic shops, specialized websites, restaurants…) by giving them the possibility to get information about the market, to exchange with producers, to meet with clients and to expand their range of products.

Associations, health practitioners, specialized bloggers and journalists, whose role it is to advise the public on the new trends and offers, are also mobilized on the event.

Finally, the fair raises awareness among the public powers on the issues of food allergies and intolerances. 



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